Frequently Asked Questions


What is this show about?

This is a weekly podcast where pals Lizzie and Kat, and their friends and guests, discuss an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 with a guest. So far we've covered every episode of the first four seasons, and then some. The show's original Executive Producer, Charles Rosin, weighs in at the end of each podcast with info about what was going on behind the scenes in an exclusive segment called 'Chuck's Corner.'

Do you cover the new '90210' as well?

Nope! As you'll find out from listening to our show, we don't really consider the 2008 series to be 'canon.' However, we did have two superfans of the reboot on our podcast to defend it in a battle royale. You can listen to that episode here.

Why are you called "The Blaze?"

We're named after the newspaper at West Beverly Hills High School where Andrea and Brandon work.

Where can I watch episodes of Beverly Hills 90210?

Check out Hulu Plus, or you can buy the show on DVD! They’re not streaming on Netflix, but they are available through their disc rental system (très retro!).

You gals are great! What can I do to support the show?

You can give us a 5-star rating and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! If you want to contribute financially and help us with the cost of producing this show, please join us on Patreon, or donate! Or, bookmark our Amazon link and do your online shopping through it — it doesn’t cost you a penny, but helps send some revenue our way! We also have merchandise for sale; proceeds help cover our operating costs.

Can I buy an ad on your show?

Certainly, though we do reserve the right to decline an advertising inquiry based on content. Please contact us at

Are you two seriously that into this show?

Like, totally!