137 – BH90210 episode 1: The Reunion

Well… it happened! Steve Sanders Management has spent the past two decades working to get a reboot or reunion of Beverly Hills 90210 on the air, and a miniseries starring the original cast playing fictionalized versions of themselves has finally premiered. We live-tweeted the premiere episode of BH90210, and were joined for immediate reactions afterwards by Santina Muha, Kim Hoffman, and Mickey Keating.

Be sure to keep up with our live tweets of the West Coast airings of the rest of the series for the next five weeks, 9pm Pacific Time on Fox! Podcast recaps for the episodes will be available for Patreon supporters at the “Les Wildcats” level and above! And if you want to share your reactions or viewing experiences, please send them to us! Our journey through season five of the original series will resume on Monday with the episode “Injustice for All” providing a continuation from the cliffhanger of the previous episode’s lesbian house fire!

Listen to Santina, Kim, and Mickey’s previous appearances on the podcast.


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