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Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to shower your friends, your family, your lovers, and yourself, with presents! Looking for the ultimate gift for the podcast lover, Blazer, or West Bev addict in your life? The Blaze with Lizzie and Kat’s Holiday Gift Guide is here to help!

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Course Materials

Want to introduce someone to the wild, wonderful world of West Beverly Hills High School? Get them the DVDs of the original series, or the tell-all memoirs written by the cast that we’ve discussed in detail on our show!

Beverly Hills, 90210: The Complete Series

Beverly Hills, 90210: The First Season

Jason Priestley: A Memoir by Jason Priestley

sTORI Telling by Tori Spelling



We’ve had so many talented authors on our podcast; here are all their books linked in one place. Where possible, the links are to our podcast’s Amazon affiliate site, which helps support our podcast while you shop!

“Party of One (preorder),” Dave Holmes (episode 19)

Slaughterhouse 90210,” Maris Kreizman (episode 28)

The Royal We,” Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan (episode 29)

Does This Bible Belt Make Me Look Gay?” Krista Doyle (episode 38)

Text/Chat/Email,” Erin Mallory Long (episode 38)

20-Nothings” and “Dead Ringer,” Jessie Rosen (episode 39)

Bathing and the Single Girl,” Christine Elise McCarthy (episode 41)

Bastards,” Mary Anna King (episode 43

Fishing on the Edge,” Andy Kamenetzky (episode 46)

Super You,” Emily V. Gordon (episode 51)

Lyme Light,” Natalie London (episode 53)



What better way to share the podcast love than with some swag that represents your favorite podcast? All our merch can be found at but we recommend starting with the following:

Flask, $24.95

“Gay for McKay” shirt, $31.95

Mug, $17.95

Watch, $49.00

Wine stopper, $19.95



One of our favorite places to buy gifts online is at, which boasts a selection of gifts for lovers of Beverly Hills 90210 and all pop culture. Here, among others, are some of their must-haves:

Peach Pit After Dark keychain, Greenwich Letterpress

Beverly Hills pencils, Greenwich Letterpress

Brandon and Dylan notecards, Greenwich Letterpress

Brandon’s 1965 Mustang, Hot Wheels

“The ‘90s Were Hotter” canvas tote bag, Rainbow Alternative

Spring Dance card, Tay Ham

Donna Graduates pin, Laser Kitten

90210 print infinity scarf, Candypants Clothing


We’ve gotten to feature some wonderful comics and musicians on our podcast, and if you want to hear more of their work, check out their albums!

Sorry,” Meg Myers, produced by Andy Rosen (episode 8)

Live from an Old Prison,” Ryan Conner (episode 31)

Impregnated with Wonder,” Pete Holmes (episode 40)

Midnight Veil,” Prom Queen (featured on episode 41)

Shows and more!

Looking for something to share with your family over the holidays?

Tickets to Tonya Harding: The Musical on Dec. 11 in Los Angeles, starring Tony Rodriguez (episode 14) and Meghan Parks (episode 32)

Walhburgers DVDs and merchandise, produced by Archie Gips (episode 16)

Hindsight: Season One on iTunes, created by Emily Fox (episode 18)

Catering from Wexler’s Deli for your LA-based holiday party, owned by Mike Kassar and Ben Lyons (episode 20)

Tickets to an upcoming Literary Death Match in a city near you, hosted by Adrian Todd Zuniga (episode 25)

That’s all for now, Blazers! If you have any questions about specific gift recommendations from the list (”what book should I get for my niece who’s in college,” etc.), make sure to hit us up on Twitter! Happy holidays, everyone!

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The blogger behind, and writer of the book of the same name, who also hosts the monthly storytelling series Sunday Night Sex Talks, Jessie Rosen joins The Blaze with Lizzie and Kat podcast this week to talk about one of the most memorable episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

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