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110 Margot Leitman - The Labors of Love

Writer, award-winning storyteller, and podcaster Margot Leitman joins our Beverly Hills, 90210 podcast this week as David deals with his drug addiction and Andrea deals with morning sickness. Margot is the author of Gawky: Tales of an Extra Long Awkward Phase, and Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You’ll Ever Need. Along with former guest of “The Blaze” H. Alan Scott, Margot hosts Talking Crime, a not-so-serious true crime response podcast.

You can read the Los Angeles Times op-eds referenced in this episode here: “On the Dumping of a 90210 Role Model;” Charles Rosin’s responseGabrielle Carteris’ response; and the response to her response. We’re also pleased to bring you updates on Peach Pit Willie, Jose Angel Santana, the Big Oaks Lodge, and a double-scoop of Chuck’s Corner!

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