123 Remembering Luke Perry

In an effort to memorialize our lifelong teen idol Luke Perry after his untimely death last month, we've compiled some of our favorite memories of Luke, and of Dylan McKay, shared on past episodes of the podcast. Listen to clips from the original series and anecdotes from Beverly Hills 90210 fans, cast, and crew. Timestamps and links to full episodes below.

00:54 — Beverly Hills 90210 Executive Producer Charles Rosin
01:39 — Excerpt from Rolling Stone cover story by Jay Martel; full episode
03:10 — Santina Muha; “Stand (Up) and Deliver”
03:40 — Sasha Perl-Raver; “Spring Dance”
04:20 — Sharon Spaeth; “Things to Do on a Rainy Day”
05:12 — Benjamin; “U4EA” live show
05:44 — Natalie London; “Mexican Standoff”
09:41 — Kim Hoffman; “Wild Horses”
13:24 — Karen Tongson; “Greek to Me”
15:23 — Carol Potter, a.k.a. Cindy Walsh; “A Walsh Family Christmas”
17:08 — Beverly Hills 90210 Writer Karen Rosin; “Isn’t it Romantic?”
20:35 — Dylan McKay clip retrospective

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